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H-41  Swift Fox

H-41 Swift Fox

Color Reproduction | By Charles Beckendorf

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    14" x 11"

Additional Information

The swift fox is the smallest of the American foxes.  It occurs in limited numbers across the Great Plains of West Texas and the Panhandle.

About the size of a large housecat, the swift fox is quiet, shy, almost totally nocturnal, and so secretive that it sometimes hares its habitat with people who never know it is there.  Swift foxes usually den in open over-grazed pastures, plowed fields or fence rows.  They spend most of the daylight hours in their den and come out to feed at night.  The swift fox takes rabbits, ground squirrels and other small rodents, snakes, lizzards, birds and insects.  They also scavenge, and the poson baits that were once put out for coyotes were irresistible to them and their numbers declined drastically.  Many little foxes are also killed by cars when they scavenge for road-killed animals.

This delicate little fox gets its name from the fact that they seem to fairly fly across the prairie on those occasions when they are caught away from their den.

This image is from the Charles Beckendorf Texas Wildlife book. The original was an acrylic painting on canvas (1992) and the size is approximately 14 X 11 inches.  The total edition size of this print is 500.


This is a part of the Texas Wildlife Art Prints Collection.

Color Reproduction

Beckendorf color reproductions are developed using four color process printing on fine white paper. This advanced technique utilizes separate color plates for each of the primary colors, plus black. High-resolution digital scans and special process inks are utilized to yield beautiful, accurate reproductions.

About the Artist - Charles Beckendorf

Charles grew up in Mathis, Texas, where he had the opportunity to spend hours on large ranches. Generous land owners gave him permission to wander freely over their ranches and he observed creatures in their natural surroundings. He developed a lifelong love of nature, whether it be in the tiniest of flowers or the largest of animals. It was at this time that he became a true naturalist.

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