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"Coyote Overlook" - An excerpt from Charles Beckendorf Texas

Posted by Scott Beckendorf on

"In the glow of dawn on Interstate 10 just east of El Paso, two coyotes make one last search before returning to their den. Perhaps they are watching a car or truck that has stopped on the interstate, but they will also be looking for any animas that may have been struck by vehicles during the night. 

The indians said the coyote will be the last animal left on earth, and Texas farmers and ranchers believe it. A coyote will eat just about anything it can swallow, and that covers a lot of farm and ranch products. 

Where predators such as the wolf have failed, the coyote succeeded. Although many methods of eradication have ben tried, the sly, tricky and tenacious coyote is still around. 

You can hear the distinct yapping howl of a coyote at sunrise, at sundown, or on moonlit nights. It is said the he sings to the sun, to the moon, to his own kind and to himself. 

His song is an authentic symbol of the American West. " -Charles Beckendorf Texas

Click here to see more about the "Charles Beckendorf Texas" art book. 

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