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Texas Barn Owl

Posted by Ben Beckendorf on

The Barn Owl at right, is a rarity in that it ranges naturally on every continent except Antarctica. In Texas it likes the warm open lowlands and avoids the colder parts of the state and mountains. Shunning the dense woodlands, it flies low, over prairies, meadows, marshes and the seashore, and preys on small mammals. lt frequently makes its home in barns and out-buildings, and finds deer blinds especially attractive. This owl is more numerous around places inhabited by people, yet it generally goes unnoticed because of its silent flight and nocturnal habits. In winter, several owls may share a barn or out-building In or near a nest, both young and old make hissing and snoring sounds, and they will snap their bills loudly in rapid succession.

-Excerpt from Charles Beckendorf Texas

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