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What you wish for...

Posted by Ben Beckendorf on

Aransas Pass has long been known as the "Shrimp Capitol". Hundreds of colorful shrimp boats anchor in picturesque Conn Brown Harbor where " The Blessing of the Fleet", a really colorful affair, takes place every Fourth July. One Sunday morning, thirty years ago, I was here on a small island looking back toward these boats painting a colorful fueling dock which l hoped to sell to a large oil company. Above the moorings across from me a paved road turned sharply up and over a steep hill. About midmorning two men in suits parked a big Cadillac a few yards up this hill, and walked down and out of sight somewhere among the fishing boats. I was most aware of the car because the windshield was reflecting right at me, and I thought would either have to move or wait until the angle of the sun changed.

Because I was far into the painting and wanted to finish, I just wished the car wasn't there. Within minutes a little man in baggyold clothes walked across the moorings and then up the hill. When he came even with the Cadillac he stopped and stared at it. Then he reached in and (l thought he was going to take something) released the hand brake. The Cadillac began to roll slowly, then fast down the hill and over the docks and into the water and sank. That solved my glare problem, but knew then that I must be very careful about what I wished from then on.


-Excerpt from Charles Beckendorf Texas



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